Legal: Cancel the posts of Vice President of the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister

Writings Thursday, November 05 .2015

He said the legal expert Tareq war that decision, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ensure cancel the post of Vice President of the Republic did not include the exemption of the Vice-Presidents of the Republic.

He said the war in a press statement today that the 'Cancel job enters the general competence of the Prime Minister as a direct executive responsible for public policy of the State in accordance with Article 78 of the Constitution, either removal from the office, it enters the validity of the President of the Republic according to the law No. (1) for the year 2011 '.

He saw the 'not disperse the other between the cancellation and the exemption was the cause of revenue interpretations Khatih'.oadav that' the Prime Minister's decision this cancellation was approved by the Cabinet and approved by the House of Representatives as well, and thus the abolition of the post approval of the Cabinet as the executive and the parliament got it as the legislative '.

He said the 'Constitution did not require the presence of Vice President of the Republic, as evidenced by the Constitution decided that the President of the Parliament functions of the President in the absence of the MP' He continued: 'The President Prime Minister's decision was not legally order to be considered an interference in the jurisdiction of the Parliament, the owner of the power to issue laws It was not a decision the prime minister decree to be considered as interference in the jurisdiction of the President of the Republic His authority to issue decrees of the Republic, but the decisions and orders authorized by the prime minister constitutionally '.

The newly recently took place in the parliamentary circles about the return of the Vice-President of the Republic to their posts.

The MP said Jassim Mohammed Jaafar, according to one of the websites' that promised the Federal Supreme Court's decision to sack the Vice-Presidents of the Republic is unconstitutional, and decided to bring them back to their posts. "

But the Federal Court denied that. A spokesman for the federal judiciary Judge Abdul Sattar Bayrakdar in a press statement 'that the Federal Supreme Court has not issued any decision regarding the Vice President of the Republic'.