Legal representative: general amnesty law is disabled under the chairmanship of the parliament and its approval requires a political consensus

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - He stressed the parliamentary legal committee member Slim Shawki , Thursday, that the draft of the amnesty law is currently disabled to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives because of political differences, among that approval needs a political consensus.

Shawki said in an interview to the Sumerian News, "The draft of the amnesty law had been read a first reading and then was referred to the Presidency of the Council of Representatives," noting that "the law is currently disabled to the presidency."

Shawki said, that "according to information that has reached us from the adviser, headed by the Council, that the law by political differences, disrupting return it to us as a committee," noting that "such a law needs a political consensus for approval."

The House of Representatives ended, in (July 5, 2015) the first reading of the general amnesty law.

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, in (12 August 2015), that the amnesty law is not far from the reform campaign by the government and parliament coincided to initiate them, as called for stakeholders to interact with the bill is consistent with the "reformist courage" that characterized the this stage.