The government accuses the parliamentary legal overwhelm the work of Parliament by pulling laws

Special - the balance of Enoz - Accused the parliamentary legal committee member Slim Shawki, on Thursday, the government overwhelm the work of Parliament and committees withdrawn because many of the bills after the completion of the first read and read again.

Said Shawki's / scales News / that "most of the bills that have been read a first reading and the second was withdrawn by the government, including a general amnesty and the service and federal oil law and other," noting that "the withdrawal of laws disrupted the work of the House of Representatives and committees, prompting the presidency specify the schedule hours ago from entering the meeting."

He said the parliamentary legal committee member, said, "Most of the bills being discussed by Parliament at the moment is a" protocols "international".

This "A member of the House of Representatives on the mass of the citizen Habib Terminal L / scales News /, earlier, that most of the laws that pulled the Council of Ministers of Parliament where significant financial bushing, indicating that these laws must be compatibility of the current economic situation, and the House of Representatives did not mind return them to the government ".anthy 29/33 h