WikiLeaks: America decided to liquidate its customer number 708, "Ahmed Chalabi" since January last

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - November 5 / November: in the midst of the confusion is clear and large and accompanied by very concerned of the repercussions of the death, the Iraqi National Congress leader, Ahmad Chalabi, the mysterious and the insistence of his family, which brought in a doctor American and another Britain to uncover the circumstances of his death amid recriminations conditions to assassinate him, I picked networking sites Unconfirmed reports suggest, that "WikiLeaks re-publication of a secret document has already published on its website last January 2015 had been leaked from the US Central Intelligence Agency CIA" according to the plan.

The document states, according to sources, who picked up the news on, "The client mentioned the sequence 708 has become a threat to the agendas of the CIA, where he worked in the last period agendas conflict with American interests and which is now talking about the efforts of intelligence to end a client's task No. 708," as described ", by discussing at the time to the development of relations between Chalabi and his visits to Iran and repeated to them. "

The leader of the former Dawa Party, Izzat Shahbandar, revealed in a television interview, that "the parties affected by exposing corruption files are accused of in the first place whether Chalabi died assassination," he said, "Chalabi told me before he died that he had a large corrupted files did not assisted in a detectable with that I have not seen those who were concerned, and that he has many corrupted files belonging to several parties and was waiting programmed before the announcement. "

It is said that the official spokesman for the party of former Conference and arm Chalabi right over many years and henchman, Entifadh Qanbar, he had said earlier that "Chalabi, head of the gang and not a political time," adding, that "Chalabi was teaching operations robbery and kidnapping carried out by the his bodyguards and he - any Chalabi - became the last of a paper burned when the Americans no longer acceptable. " Ended O.h
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