A source reveals Walter reasons prompted the government to expedite the issuance of the new salary scale (Details)

05-11-2015 06:30 PM

An official source reveals the reasons that prompted the government to expedite the issuance of a new salary scale, to ensure the quality of cuts on top salaries of state employees, as well as those with special grades, which indicates the source, who requested anonymity, that this peace is among the deep financial reforms to be approved package In the coming days, in a series of austerity measures pursued by the government of al-Abadi, the impact of lower oil prices and access to unprecedented levels in a decade.

[B]Explains the source said the government had made ​​earlier at the request of the World Bank for a soft loan, to overcome the financial crisis by the country, and indeed the bank sent advisers to the State Audit, and evaluation of the financial situation, the Panel had recommended the Iraqi government to conduct reforms and clear on salaries that exceed 70% of the country's total revenue[/B], and drain all the capabilities of the Malian government, as well as a forced exchange of personnel loss-making state-owned companies which is 72 under the Ministry of Industry and Minerals said the company, as well as the lifting of government subsidies for food in the ration card items, and also the removal of subsidies on fuel and oil derivatives prices.

Shows the source said the government Abadi tried to avoid these steps initially, but the deterioration of the financial situation, and lower revenue recently paid to accept making the repairs, and so began the first procedure, a so-called ladder new salary.

He points out that the World Bank responded immediately after the announcement of the move and announced his intention to double the amount of the loan in early 2016, if the government Abadi continued to conduct financial reforms.

The Iraqi Ministry of Finance announced in the first last July, that Iraq Siqtrd $ 2.3 billion from the World Bank in an effort to bridge the country's budget deficit and the expenses of the war against Daash.