Maliki' one of the reasons fall of Salah al-Din provinces to prevent adoption of laws
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Thread: Maliki' one of the reasons fall of Salah al-Din provinces to prevent adoption of laws

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    Maliki' one of the reasons fall of Salah al-Din provinces to prevent adoption of laws

    Maliki's one of the reasons the fall of Salah al-Din provinces to prevent the adoption of the law .. and reveals: 50 soldiers prevented the fall of Samarra

    BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / ... accused the Member of Parliament for Salahuddin Shaalan Karim province, Prime Minister General, former commander of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki to "handcuff" the hands of the Conservatives to act according to the law Bmhafezathm, noting that the big heads in the province, "be condemned." However, the cause of the crash "Daash" terrorist gangs in the June 11, 2014

    Karim said in a special interview / Baghdadi News / "The big heads in the province be condemned in the case of the fall of Salahuddin province, however Daash terrorists".

    He explained that "Salahuddin fell in the June 11, 2014, while Mosul fell earlier three days, at which time they are located in the province forces of the police and army regiments emergency and rapid response and SWAT vest clans, and with all this huge number of fighters managed Daash gangs of control of the city".

    He revealed that "Tikrit spend fell (b Hornat) seven cars entered from the Tikrit Bridge and another five entered through Aldiom region," noting that "the only Aalchks who fought Aldoaash in Tikrit is battalions Saladin submitted Khalil sand which wounded were evacuated to a hospital country year. While his bodyguards was killed, and ran away all troops stationed in Salahuddin".

    In response to a question / Baghdadi News / Do you see that there is collusion happened in the fall of the province?

    Karim said: "Yes, we thought so, but (the accused is innocent until proven guilty) real and do not know, but after the formation of an investigative committee to get to the causes of the fall of the province despite the availability of all military capabilities to defend the city as well as full information received from the cast," pointing out that "The presidency of Parliament (dragging its feet) demand that we have presented her Ten months ago, which calls for the formation of an investigative committee about the reasons for the fall of the Salah al-Din."

    The member of parliament for the Salahuddin province, said that "Salahuddin away from Mosul, some 280 km away and three days after the fall of Mosul managed Daash control of Salah al-Din," and wondered: "Why barriers not put to repel the entry of Daash despite the distance between the Salah al-Din and Mosul and why appropriate for the defense of the province. "Noting" action is taken the lack of a security plan to defend the city, "saying:" They were busy with corruption in all its aspects ".

    Karim denied in response to a question / Baghdadi News / information Chiraly escape (his brother) provincial council chairman Ahmed Karim Ahmed Karim and their portfolios before the fall of Salahuddin.

    He said: "I was in touch with my brother President of the Provincial Council Ahmed Karim, who was a distinguished inside the presidential palaces during entry Daash to Tikrit and then withdrew to the headquarters of the fourth division is located next to the judiciary, while joined by Governor Ahmed al-Jubouri to the headquarters of the band after he had finished a meeting televised in space (People) belonging to Mishan Jubouri in the presidential palaces."

    He accused Karim, former Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Nuri al-Maliki handcuffed hands conservative and not give them the upper hand in accordance with the law 21, to act on the affairs of their provinces."

    Karim said, "The head of the provincial council and governor Ahmed Karim Ahmed al-Jubouri, then withdrew to the leadership of Samarra operations."

    Karim revealed, "The city of Samarra, was on the verge of falling in the hands of the terrorist gangs Daash because of the weakness of some of the security and military equipment in the Salah al-Din, but the courage morning Fatlawi team who fought 50 fighters only remaining of the security forces."

    He pointed out that "for Daash Fatlawi showed that he had a large force to defend Samarra maneuver through 50 fighters who were with him."

    He added, "were contacted tribal elders and leaders of the Awakening in Samarra, local and federal police and employees and we were able to create up to 1200 fighters from Samarra sons and I joined with the team Fatlawi who stood with him pause heroic courage and were able to protect the Samarra shrine brass (peace be upon them)," noting that " This distribution of the numbers of men to the outskirts of the city and the maintenance of the land and that the connection with the military buildup."


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