Sources: salary cuts for ministers and their advisers 4% and submitting them to the staff of the lower grades of 20%

Thursday 05-11-2015 | 9:56:47

Twilight News / announced Informed sources in Iraq for new amendments on the ladder of staff salaries with the higher grades and lower, in response to recent objections of the party blocs and the parliament.

Objections to Abadi own reforms to cut the salaries paid the prime minister and his management team re-examined to end up with new wording included lowering the salaries of ministers and their agents and their advisers by 4% and raise the salaries of staff in the lower grades by up to 20%.

Abadi reforms also affected the financial allocations received by workers in the government sector, which starts from 50% and up, in particular, to 200% for workers in the education sector, which prompted many to change their jobs to move to those two ministries, raising concern the government.

Abadi's decision to salaries and called informed sources Arabiya television, it goes about good to include the reduction of the salaries of MPs and the three presidencies to a great extent and reduce protections officials, in addition to the economic reforms in order to provide loans for housing, agriculture, industry and others to help youth projects.

Despite the declaration of the prime minister to cancel his deputies positions and Vice-President of the Republic and to stop their salaries in application of the new reforms, the debate is going on between the community and the party's parliamentary and government sources on the other hand about the survival of the House of Representatives in office until the moment.