Journalist arrested "because of the publication on Facebook" in Sulaymaniyah

Twilight News / embarked security authorities in the province of Sulaymaniyah on the arrest of the journalist and Rhea beauty after he wrote Commenting on the social networking site "Facebook" for poor services in the region in which they live by, according to what the "Metro" center for the defense of the rights of journalists.

The police arrested the strength of the beauty of the morning in hand "Bazian," which until now is still in custody.

Journalist and Rhea Beauty and said he was "almost a month ago, he wrote on Sahfti in to Facebook for well-drilling project, which is still far continues," noting that "the police force stormed the morning my house and Aguetadtna to a security center, and I am now still being held."

For his part, "Metro," the center said in a statement, said that "the profession of journalism in the region and the law is clear and explicit and provides that any security force went to the home of any factor in the field of journalism without informing the union in advance."

The statement added that "the center did not find any justification for housebreaking and fellow journalist Rhea beauty, and deal with him as guilty", calling for the need to expedite the release of our colleague immediately.