Foreign Affairs: we will not allow the entry of any visitor to Iraq only after payment of visa fees

Alsumaria News / Baghdad - Denied Ministry of Foreign Affairs, on Thursday, the abolition of granting entry "visa" on the Iranians or other visitors trait fees, stressing that he would not allow the entry of any visitor to the Iraqi territory only after payment of a fee "Visa" of $40.

He said the ministry spokesman Ahmed Gamal said in a statement Alsumaria News received a copy of it, "Foreign Ministry denies rumors of cancellation granting visa fees (visa) Visitors to the Iranians or others."

Beauty and stressed that "these fees will be imposed on every visitor will not be allowed to enter any visitor to the Iraqi territories only after obtaining the entry and pay fees amounting to $ 40 a feature."

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, confirmed on Wednesday that the granting of visas, "visa" for foreign visitors finance charges will not raise during the visit of the death of Imam Hussein, "p", as pointed out it will be responsible for opening 11 temporary offices in different cities of Iran, in addition to the four consulates to accommodate the number of visitors and to facilitate obtaining visas.

The Visit the forty is one of the most important religious occasions Shiite Muslims, and kept millions of them to revive them by going to Karbala on foot, while thousands of processions and bodies scattered on the roads leading to the province to accommodate visitors and catering to them.