The high value of trading in the Iraqi Stock Exchange to more than 63 billion dinars

Our economy / Baghdad Iraq Stock Exchange, announced Thursday, the rise in share trading value increased by 450 percent to more than 63 billion dinars in October, while the Securities Commission decided to suspend trading for 24 companies.

And systems market during October of last month 18 daily session in the formal market and one session in the second market, the number of companies traded 59 companies out of 98 companies listed in the market, with the market index closed ISX60 at the end of October month on 781.560 points, its decline of 7.5 % compared to its value in the month of September amounting to 844.900 points.

The trading market during October last 135 731 000 000 shares and an increase of 1208% compared to last September month, which amounted to stocks where 10.375 billion shares, financial value of 63.867 billion dinars, and a rise of 451.34% compared to last September month by value of stocks in which 11.584 billion dinars, while the total The number of transactions executed 7277 deal.

The number of traded shares purchased from non-Iraqi financial 238 million shares valued at 803 million dinars from 386 during the implementation of the deal, while the shares sold amounted to investors from non-Iraqis financial 88.332 billion shares valued at 737 million dinars from 493 during the implementation of the deal.

Decided Securities Commission suspended trading of 24 companies for its decisions to non-compliance with the instructions of financial disclosure.