Protesters Baghdad and the provinces are threatening to storm the Green Zone if the authorities continued their demands Btsoev

Thursday, November 05 2015 15:03

BAGHDAD / Baghdadi News / .. gave activists demonstrations, on Thursday, the government has 21 days to implement the demands of the people, and not to convert reforms to their struggle to evade the implementation of real steps toward reform, as he prepares activists demonstrations to expand their demonstrations in Baghdad and other provinces on Friday against procrastination demands the face of corruption, threatened to storm the heavily fortified Green Zone and close the doors with their bodies and the siege of residents.

The activists issued a statement they had delivered copies of it to foreign embassies in the Green Zone, which threaten to "crawl to the region after the parliament's decision last Monday to restrict the hands of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi implementation of reforms and the requirement of offering, discussed and approved by the announcement."

And Omhluwa According to the statement the government and parliament 21 days to vote on the Federal Court Act and the enactment of the Supreme Judicial Council Act and not to procrastination in the implementation of previous Their demands a real confrontation against corruption and corrupt referral to the courts.

He also threatened to "open-ended sit in front of the gates of the Green Zone, closed to the bodies of the demonstrators and the protests continued until the complete withdrawal of confidence from the Government of Abadi."

In comments to them on the social networking "Facebook", activists stressed, saying "Green is not far and we are not afraid, but the layout and change the shape of pretending needs proper thinking especially as we call for reform of the system and in a peaceful manner and this makes the mass movement is slow, but this is a positive slow because we the demonstrators were even this the right moment in the course of the mass peaceful movement. "

They added that "brought us to come will have a different shape, especially after he renounced Parliament from us, and the government has proved that it does not know the meaning of reform and the elimination constant Pfsadh, and will be Mmeltqana Square Tahrir and move the gate green march area public angry at everything especially the presence of all those headers that wreaked us and in Iraq and continue to corrupt .. .. # Jayakm of the green. "

He explained: "We hope everyone out not in response to a suit pretending but because it is in need for it, especially as we all live miserably and residents of the Green Zone live your well-being."

Furthermore, he said the activist and media Jassim Hilfi one of leaders of the protests, that "the protesters were looking to bring the fight against corruption successes kept pace with victories forces and strengthen the morale of the fighters and grabbing of their resolve, but turn around and procrastination policy was the approach that was met by the just demands of the people."

He pointed out that "the decline in the executive and legislative branches for reforms but abandoned until all papers reform forward by about two months ago, through parliament's decision Monday indicates a strong political desire to bury the point of the reform which is in its infancy and has proven lack of seriousness of the House of Representatives to represent the people, and the inability of the three authorities to achieve the desired political stability, which is a prerequisite for the stability of the security. "

He explained that "al-Abadi did not pose a real and comprehensive reform program implemented on the ground, only administrative procedures is radical and this confirms that the government does not believe in the team approach to reform, including the members of the Council of Ministers."

He stressed, "Abadi deficit and the Council of Ministers fully for building political polarization consists in the light of reform parliamentary bloc strongly supports the fight against the big mafias corruption efforts."

For the House of Representatives Hilfi said, he "did not pursue the implementation of reform and that his paper did not hear them at all after announcing last August as never heard so far the second package which the Council promised to launch".

He explained that "Parliament made no effort to follow up on government promises and actions taken and was told by the" reform ", and his support was only in the media."

But about the judiciary has pointed out that "the judiciary did not take his role in the issue judicial orders after receiving the investigation file the cause of the fall of Mosul, also did not stand against violations against activists and demonstrators of arrests to the absence forced, but he took pledges from detainees them commits them not to demonstrate in addition to the not to make radical reforms in the justice institutions that have suffered from the delay in the completion of tasks over the past years. "

The Hilfi continue to "peaceful popular protests calling for reform within the framework of the Iraqi constitution and the provision of services."

He said, "We warn the three authorities, and the political class ruling from continuing procrastination demands true that began angers people and Nqmthm stress the implementation of the demands, and stress at the same time on our vision of reform emanating from the rebuilding of the political system according citizenship, freeing it from the quota system and corruption."

On Monday, the House of Representatives announced that the government does not have the validity of the application of certain provisions of the reforms announced by al-Abadi, because many of these items need to laws of the legislature plan. This came after the Council's decision that had been approved earlier reform plan under pressure from angry popular movement demanding services and the fight against rampant corruption in state institutions.

The new parliament this decision as an additional obstacle to the application of the reforms that the basic difficulty lies in the reduction of privileges enjoyed by senior government officials.

But Abadi's response to it the next day, stressing the "intention and determination to continue reforms and the fight against corruption and the corrupt and not to retreat from that despite the challenges and obstacles" .anthy 21 / N