Launch 29 new investment opportunity

2015-11-05 02:01:12 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad - Ahmed Abed Rabbo

Activity in order to activate the industrial sector in the country, the Ministry of Industry and Minerals revealed the launch of 29 Bcrkadtha and private laboratories across the provinces a new investment opportunity, saying it seeks to provide facilities for investors who wish to work in the Iraqi market.

The official ministry spokesman Abdul Wahid al-Shammari said in a statement »Sabah»: The new investment opportunities within their companies and laboratories scattered across the provinces, they returned those opportunities as the entry of genuine partnerships with the goal of investors and local and international companies Alrchinh.obachert private sector ministry merging firms and reduced from 76 to 32, after the approval of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, with steps taken to address the slack in winning public administrations, including the granting wider powers to the new departments.

Shammari said that put up those opportunities to invest came to support the march of the industry in the country as well as create jobs, thus contributing to reduce the unemployment rate, in addition to support and strengthen the financial position of companies and laboratories, the ministry moving the economic development in the country, stressing that the ministry budget of «zero» .ofatt that the ministry is currently working on the national product support by encouraging investment for the purpose of maximizing Iraqi industries in the market Mahlah.lknh pointed to the development of facilities within the investment opportunities as well as contracts to stay away from red tape and bureaucracy that makes investors do not want to enter the market actually Alaracah.oltencit industrial, official spokesman for the ministry called for the adoption of legislation and laws that support local industry and limit the flow of goods and goods that could be its industry in Albulad.obescon visit of Lebanese Industry Minister Hussein Hajj Hassan and his accompanying delegation to Baghdad, Shammari said the visit came at the invitation of his Iraqi counterpart Mohammed Darraji , pointing out that there is a desire for the development of the existing industrial relations between the two countries in the fields Alsnaaah.kma Darraji stressed that the Lebanese companies and called on its businessmen and Snaaaaha to enter the ministry successful partnerships with companies to manufacture products with added value not less than 25 percent.

Arrived and Lebanese Minister of Industry on Saturday, to Baghdad at the head of an official delegation to discuss common economic issues between the two countries on the level Alastosmara.oukal minister in a press statement, after a meeting with several Iraqi officials: that the main objective of the visit to Baghdad is to invest in public and private sectors , pointing out that the industry in Iraq have begun to see Lebanese investments are growing day by Aom.oadav that the Lebanese have industrial experience in many areas, and they know the market, stressing that what is happening motionless in Iraq will double the rates Alastosmar.aly, the General Mansour company participated one companies Ministry of Industry and Minerals in Baghdad International Fair current session (42) for the purpose of display different their products as well as industrial companies Alhqiqh.oukal marketing director of the company Majid Kazem defect in a statement received »Sabah» copy of it: that the company is specialized in producing three kinds of products in the field of production of panels solar energy and the production of medical gases, as well as the production of industrial gases which are used in the field of cutting and welding.