Minister of Justice: International support for the war against terrorism Daash pull out from its roots

During a meeting with a representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in the field of genocide
The Minister of Justice d. Haider Zamili, the importance of international community's support for Iraq in its war against Daash, in order to root out terrorism and to prevent its spread in the countries of the world.
The Minister said that during a meeting in his office, on Monday, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations Special Adviser on the field of genocide Mr. (Adama Deng) and his accompanying delegation consisting of President of the Human Rights Office and a representative of the High Commissioner for Human Rights (Francesco Motta), (Mario Boyle) employee of the United Nations and a specialist in political affairs of the country.
Mr. Minister: The fight against terrorism requires a unified position to deal with it the fact that Iraq defends all systems in the world, whether humanitarian or government, noting that the results of these terrorist groups active influence in the region regionally and taken to widen the affects all continents to its operations criminal, and this puts the responsibility of the international community the importance of providing support for Iraq in the end the presence of these groups in the region and not working on dispersed and returned to the countries of the world.
He explained Mr. Minister: The Iraqi society adheres to democratic entitlement that has been achieved after getting rid of the dictatorial regime, and is still fighting fiercely and offers sacrifices for freedom from groups that are trying with the help of terrorism, to return to power, noting that the government has worked the application of national reconciliation by containing all shades of people under Mdiltha, and this is embodied in the House of Representatives, which represents its members, all components of the people and defending their entitlements.
The Minister called for the United Nations offers a helping hand to the government, which would contribute in an amendment to the election law and ensures the best means the largest number of representatives of the people to get into the House of Representatives and the government, thus contributing to the arrival of the elites and competencies to the government and their participation in state institutions management.
He said Mr. Minister: that the ministry has formed a number of specialized committees on the subject of mass crimes, and entered as a member of government committees within this jurisdiction , have contributed through which to guarantee the rights of victims and to bring the criminals to international courts and to identify the responsible terrorist organizations for such crimes to the United Nations for Drjha within genocide, calling on the importance to include Committee Meeting Minutes (Cammack) consisting of eighty (anti-crime genocide), took the precaution of terrorist organizations and anti-sleeper cells affiliate in their countries and that finance and recruit terrorism.
Mr. the minister noted the ministry relies to maintain human rights, strategic approach by pursuing the terrorists who commit crimes in order to retribution of them in the future and to ensure that victims rights, noting The Strategic Plan includes the importance of developing the training capabilities of the guards reformists in the ministry's prisons, and the possibility of throwing them in training courses abroad or to benefit from the provision of relevant experts in this field to be trained at home.
In turn, the representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Mr. Adama Deng, his quest to show the necessary assistance Iraq in its war on terror, saying he would seek through his report to be submitted by the United Nations and the Commission (Cammack) during its next meeting to make Bleacher efforts in supporting the Iraqi government's position which is locked in a fierce war against that threaten international security terrorist groups.
He said he would seek to strengthen by human rights through the provision of work of the Ministry of Justice in the area of prisons requirements, in addition to his quest to present evidence that would criminalize that went deeper than the blood of innocent Iraqis remedies to them and the importance of retribution by the perpetrators of terrorist groups.