Kuwait hosts the World Conference of Islamic finance Bahrain News Agency - Us

Kuwait: Kuwait will host the World Conference of Islamic finance, which is organized by Kuwait's central bank and the International Monetary Fund, on November 11 th, under the patronage of Prince Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah. He said Kuwait's central bank governor Mohammed Alhashl to Kuwait News Agency today that the conference will have high-level international presence of decision makers spearheaded by Director General of the International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde and senior staff and experts fund in the world and a number of finance ministers and central bank governors and their deputies and their representatives in many countries. Also participate in the conference of the International Monetary Fund to finance and the economy center in the Middle East, while involved, "Thomson Reuters" as a strategic partner of knowledge, pointing out that the attendance list also includes a large presence of representatives of the United Nations and regional organizations of global economic institutions, as well as experts and economic events and Academy Mission.
He stated that the conference will discuss several topics in the field of Islamic finance industry, starting to discuss the growing development of the Islamic finance industry, and is available its broad growth opportunities in the global markets and new areas, which are the aspirations promote Islamic finance, which is based on the principle of participation in the profits and losses attributes , connecting the purposes of this funding the activities of the real economy.
He said that of other hubs to be discussed by the conference theme of financial inclusion in the field of Islamic financial services, by discussing ways to support funding for both individuals and small enterprises and medium-sized enterprises, and in the context of the importance of the role played by these institutions on the economic and social levels.
He stated that the conference will discuss the subject of Islamic instruments and other means of financing long-term financial resources so as to enhance Islamic banks that can be directed to finance infrastructure projects in addition to the investment projects and promote sustainable development.
He stated that one of the important themes that the conference be discussed in the context of developments in the Islamic finance industry axis, which is the main pillar in the Islamic banking business, which is to provide the necessary legislative and regulatory organization that distinguishes this industry from the traditional financial system.
He added that in this regard discuss the conference will focus on strengthening the regulatory frameworks in the overall hedge policies and requirements to achieve financial stability, taking into account the increasing integration of the Islamic financial industry in the global financial system and the expansion of cross-border exposure in light of the internationalization of financial markets, including the large and tangles.