US Ambassador admits: restore the cities of Ramadi and Sinjar is possible

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The death of the so-called (Prince legitimate) to Daash and our security forces intervention (Warrar) and controls (Jereche) and Abadi opens Bzabz
Champions crowd Iedkon artillery terrorists gatherings in the desert of Thar Thar, killing dozens of rats

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Check the security of our troops and our military and Champions mobilized and the sons of the tribes, and the support and the award of the Army Aviation and Air Force and the Counter-terrorism International Alliance of significant progress on many fronts in Anbar province, said the governor of the city Suhaib al-Rawi said the military operations going progress of qualitative after owning the security forces took the lead in the attack on the organization Daash terrorist security sources said the security official of the western region killed yesterday were destroyed (13) wheel bomb airstrike west of Ramadi, said a statement of the cell media war that pieces of anti-terror apparatus entered the Warrar camp in the western axis of Anbar and seized control of the Jereche bridge and raised the Iraqi flag it while the crowd the popular heroine forces killed 17 members of the Daash in the desert of Thar Thar also killed the so-called «Prince legitimate» to Daash and 25 of his aides in the bombing of the Army Aviation western Anbar province, said the commander of the Anbar Operations Maj. Gen. Ismail Mahlawi that the military forces imposed control of the important themes and cost the organization Daash great losses in lives and equipment and in the light of these facts is the prime minister Haider al-Abadi on Wednesday to open crossing Bzabz humanitarian cases toward Baghdad and the introduction of goods and foodstuffs towards Anbar in the face of activating the committees of the House and members of provincial councils and leaders of the operations and the crowd People's re displaced persons to the liberated areas and was head of the Anbar province Krhot morning had called yesterday the people of Anbar city to turn themselves in to security forces stationed around the city to avoid being targeted as Daash explained that prevents parents from out of town and use them as human shields !!

In a striking development, the US ambassador said in Baghdad Stewart Jones and the presence of preparations to restore the cities of Ramadi and Sinjar of Daash terrorist gangs praising the efforts of Barzani in fighting Daash and pointing out that the liberalization of Tikrit was the beginning of the defeat of Daash and that Baghdad is taking positive steps to achieve security in Iraq, while sources confirmed that the coalition International carried out yesterday (19) air strike targeted a terrorist nests Daash in various battlefronts.