We stopped the embezzlement of $ 2 billion dinars in one of the ministries

The spokesman of the Integrity Committee in Parliament MP Adel Nouri, on Wednesday, said the Commission, seeking to uncover more cases of corruption and manipulation of the Iraqi money, while noting the discovery of embezzlement of $ 2 billion dinars in one of the ministries.
And between Nuri he told a special statement "our economy" news that "one of the ministries and through the liquidation of final accounts attempted embezzlement of 2 billion dinars, and according to the receipts and regular".
"The Commission immediately suspended all financial instruments and procedures related to the ministry," explaining, "We formed a committee of embezzlement in connection with the follow-up process and expose the corrupt and bring them to the courts."
He noted that "the information we receive today seemed to the committee after we we are pursuing."