National card Directorate at the Ministry of the InteriorGhabban calls for educating citizens mechanism national card issuance and confirms: the Kurdistan region welcomed by

​Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, on Tuesday, the ministry has identified fixed sites and alternative project: the national card, returned to parliament approval on the project contribute to "a lot make it work", while the detection of the agreement with the authorities concerned in the Kurdistan Region on the technical and logistical the subject matters, It called to educate citizens about the card issuance mechanism.
This came during a chair and Minister of the Interior, the weekly meeting of the Supreme National Committee of the card, in the presence of Director General of nationality, and a number of concerned parties and chock for the project, according to a ministry statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it. Said Ghabban, that "the ministry revealed on some sites that will be working to draft the national card, which will be some fixed, the other alternative in the capital Baghdad," adding that "competent company completed the software and hardware own circles-site examination inauguration, while its installation process continues Sub-stations of the Chambers of Civil Status. "
He called the minister, the need to "focus in the media on the card issuance mechanism in order to be a citizen aware of all the information pertaining to it," praising the "Vote Parliament highest national card because it will facilitate a lot of things for the success of the project."
He explained Ghabban, that "a delegation of general sexual Directorate, includes a number of officers and specialists, search over the past week, with the concerned authorities with relevant in Erbil, the reality of public sex in the Kurdistan region, and discussed matters relating to the national card," pointing out that "the delegation met response and welcomed in the region for the project, where it was agreed on technical and logistical matters on the subject. "
The House of Representatives of Iraq, approved unanimously, in, (27 October 2015), the draft national card law in Iraq.
The Ministry of Interior announced, in (the twentieth of September 2015), the launch of the project of a unified national card, and promised to ease the burden on the citizen and contribute to the strengthening of the national security, as set time limit for the project five years, confirmed that Asthsalha procedures would be "very easy".
The general sexual Directorate, confirmed in (the 13th of October 2013), it will give all Iraqis the single card within five years, indicating that the first card will be given during the next two years after the German company the completion of the monument equipment, and that the new card will enrich the citizen from the use of Msthompskath During the review of the four state departments.
The Iraqi government has contracted, in (the eighth of October 2013), with a German company to issue a unified smart card, in a move she said was "abbreviated routine winning in state institutions and the removal manipulation of important documents and enhancing security and ensure the functioning of the electoral process by about sound." 9%86-%D8%A8%D8%A2%D9%84%D9%8A%D8%A9