Hilali likely to postpone the legislation "to determine the three presidencies": the targeting of political symbols

​Suggested by the parliamentary legal committee smile Hilali, Wednesday, to postpone the enactment of the three presidencies to determine the next legislative term of the parliament, showed that while the law may target some political symbols.
She said Hilali's / scales News / "There is a disagreement between the political blocs on the law defining the mandates of the three presidencies and this is what disrupts and postpone voting on it for more than a few times," indicating that "the law of the vital laws complementary to the Constitution."
She added, "Some blocs want to select the prime minister, two sessions in a row, others want to be consecutive terms that is, the presidential cycle and then the absence of the presidency and then another session," asserting that "the law could target political figures must be agreed upon and not to leave the paragraph in The Constitution is clear and attic to be the mandate of the three presidencies. "
She noted that "the arrival of the budget to the House of Representatives may make the latter are busy conducting amendments until it is voted on in a timely manner and sent to execution," asserting that "it is possible to postpone the enactment of identifying the three presidencies to the legislative term of the next parliament."

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