Talabani: (Daash) arose as a result of the wrong policies of the Iraqi government

Deputy President of the Kurdistan Regional Government Qubad Talabani, on Wednesday, that the organization (Daash) did not come from the outside, and as pointed out that he grew up as a result of the wrong policies of the Iraqi government, pointed out that the elimination of militarily possible but need to confront politically and socially.
Said Qubad Talabani, in a speech during the Mir Centre for Studies and Research Strategy Conference in the Middle East, the city of Erbil, and attended (range Press), "The organization (Daash) is not a terrorist group came from outside Iraq and Syria," describing the organization as "another form of extremism Islamic ".
Talabani said that "the elimination of al (Daash) requires change bad in Iraq and the continuing policy for years," adding that "the people of Anbar, Tikrit and Salah al-Din when he took to the streets years ago, demanding change marginalization policy pursued by the Iraqi government was able to organize (Daash) that It exploits the space between the people and the government. "
Talabani stressed that "the Government of Iraq has not been able to control the situation giving rise to these extremist groups," stressing that "the elimination of al (Daash) in military terms as possible, but we need to confront the problem of political and social terms also."
The Mir Centre for Strategic Studies held a conference in Erbil, for three days, and in the presence of a number of ministers and members of the House of Representatives and the Iraqi parliament and political leaders and academics in the fields of politics and economics.

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