Saleh questioned the endeavors of the "National Guard": defense system in Iraq is in danger of major terrorist

Twilight News / Deputy Secretary General of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, Barham Saleh, on Tuesday, that after the lapse of 10 years since the "liberation of Iraq" and the formation of the federal democratic system proved a lot of things, pointing out that the Constitution is full of passages task to run the country, but the situation is heading to the contrary as a result of non-implementation of the Constitution.

Came Saleh's remarks during a speech at the crossroads (MERI) in the city of Arbil on Wednesday, and which highlighted the current problems taking place in Iraq, the region and the ongoing war against terrorists "Daash" as well as financial and economic problems, returned coordination between Iraqi political parties a way to resolve the crisis.

Saleh explained that after more than 10 years since the "liberation of Iraq", he arrived at the stage in which it turns out a lot of things, noting that since 2003, after the fall of the former regime, has been the formation of a new system, a federal democratic system, as has been written constitution vote for it The majority of the people.

He added that the Constitution abounds with paragraphs and important items the Department of Political Affairs and the State Administration institutions, adding that the situation is now clear that moving to the contrary has not been implementation of the Constitution.

Saleh also highlighted that the defense system in Iraq is in danger of a big terrorist, and he does not depend on the national government, but depends on the Alپeshmrگh as a fighting force, and expressed his doubts in an interview who are demanding a local strongly in the regions of Iraq Kalrmada for example, referring to the National Guard.

He pointed out that the drop in oil prices to less than $ 50 contributed to the deterioration of the problems in Iraq, has contributed to the inability to secure the citizens' demands, adding that Iraq was facing former difficulties, but the state was able to resolve those situations and problems by relying on the large financial treasury which was owned by Iraq.

However, the state can not do that now because of the new status quo.

He said Barham Saleh, said that Iraq's problems on the threshold of entering a new phase, it needs to be a serious dialogue between the parties and the Iraqi currents Home, pointing out that this country was not built on strong foundations of political, economic and military terms, which means that dialogue to reach a real consensus needs to see common.