Important changes to the salary scale (new) to be applied retroactively

Basil Abbas Khudair Wednesday, November, 201 504

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister revealed the appearance of Mohammed Saleh said that the government has not affecting staff allocations within steps of the new salary all, Saleh said, the government reduced the first grade and second salaries and the third in the new peace by 4%, and included a reduction of the nominal salary only, pointing out that the nominal salary grades (fourth, fifth, sixth and even seventh grade) are not subject to increase or reduction, as well as not compromising the allocation of these grades, and between economic adviser The increase in salaries nominal limited to grades (eighth, ninth and tenth) by more than 21% which is equivalent to 30 thousand dinars each grade in the salary scale, and added that the state employees who are within the lower and middle grades of the fourth degree and even the tenth grade, representing 80% of the total state employees, while make up the highest degrees, which is the third class and even the first 20% of employees in Iraq, He said the three presidencies and special grades, which starts from the degree of director-general to the prime minister salaries have been reduced as well as the allocations.

As stated above, less than 20% of state employees will be affected by new salary scale through nominal salaries reduced by 38 thousand dinars per month maximum they who have been rehoused in the first grade, second and third of these were retained their allowances have not been diminished (and allocations may remain as a percentage but its value will decrease because they are affected by nominal) salary, we do not know how these few percentage of the staff has been able to organize demonstrations and sit-ins and filled the street protesters who have threatened to shut down the business, it is well known that the owners of these grades are with the services of more than 20 years, but we have seen many young and newly appointed including Will were sympathetic with them?

Time the message reached them by mistake? The question that deserves to search for where billions of dollars that will be provided from this peace and referred to by Mr. economic adviser and Minister of Finance and others which they announced it in the press conferences and statements in the satellite when their defense of the new salary scale, which is the latest of many consequences so that the upper reference in Najaf called for a revision of the peace in reducing the damage and in line with the reforms, taking into account the lack of prejudice to the salaries and allowances of university professors, as peace was one of the engines of the House vote on the non-compromising the legislative powers of the House of Representatives under the justification of reforms.

The change in the government position on this issue raises many questions, and in the light of the contradiction between the statements citizen bewildered standing a looking for the credibility of this subject which concerns the lives of 4 million Iraqi family depends on its revenues and expenditures on the functional salaries, and we were hoping to get out of an official statement refers ( for example) to the Prime Minister after its consultation with the specialized committees set up by the concerned authorities in the country had reached a modified form, through which to maintain the allocations and work ladder salaries which was announced starting from the beginning of 2016 and not from the beginning of this month, noting that the work peace (new), which is traded and did not inform the citizen on the official version after as he did not make sure that the allocations will not be compromised already, is null and void because it was not within the powers of the Council of Ministers on the basis of the content of paragraphs II and III of Article 3 of Law No. 22 of 2008 average, which stipulates:

(II - the Council of Ministers adjust the amount of salary stipulated in the salary scale attached to this law in light of the high rate of inflation to reduce their impact on the standard of living of the general staff.

Thirdly - being adjusted salary amounts set forth in item (ii) of this Article, the adoption of a base year and is considered the effective date of this law, the first base year)

It is also inconsistent with the rationale for the issuance of Law 22 of 2008 as amended by Law No. (103) for the year 2012 which include (for the purpose of supporting the state employees and the public sector by giving them lucrative salaries and allowances and to achieve better standard of living for them).

It is understood from these texts that the purpose of authorizing the Cabinet to amend the salary scale is to improve things Employee light of rising inflation rates and to reduce their impact on the standard of living for employees, though the statistic rise in inflation in Iraq for the years 2008-2015 is very high to have seen that, and because the new salary scale is not lifted salary because he deliberately downwards to certain degrees and submit them to other degrees, meaning that the goal was not to raise salaries, but patched up, this is a departure from the mandate provided for in Article 3, which the subject of the jurisdiction of Jurisdiction (House of Representatives), which requires discontinuation of the ladder salaries and submission as a bill and forwarded to the House of Representatives for a decision based on the provisions of the Constitution, and a summary of what was issued statements yesterday (Tuesday) either by the official spokesman Saad al-Hadithi or Rev. adviser, said that the employee no longer know the amount of his salary for this month because the instruction will apply from 1 / 11/2015 nor the statements still different and varied as that some staff are now puzzled Will continue their protests or that their problem had been resolved, and perhaps one of the rare times that experienced by the Iraqi Occupation, which organized many of the laws he did not know the actual Basthakaqath, we do not know the reasons for this divergent positions and insist on the application from the beginning of this month retroactively?!