Abadi: The government is supportive for private education.. We will not allow the return of the conflict among the three authorities

Shafaq News / Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi announced on Wednesday his government's support for private education in the country, on condition that the aim would be the development of education not making money only, while warned from the return to conflict among the three authorities, he stressed that the new system for the salaries of the state employees allocations was not approved . Abadi said in his speech during a meeting with a group of deans and professors of colleges that, the country is facing challenges and we will come out of them stronger than before , the countries that have moved from the system and totalitarian thought needs to be regulated, adding that the separation of powers is important, but not on the basis of conflict among them as before but on the basis of integration, but some are trying to bring this conflict and will not let them to do so.

He said that the government support private education but by partnership through improving the situation of education in the country and the dissemination of science, stressing the importance of developing the educational level .

He noted his commitment to the government program in which one of the paragraphs stimulate on activating the private sector as we have issued many decisions and we launched a program to simplify government procedures because some are trying to complicate things on the citizen and the investors.

The Prime Minister said that we have solutions for the financial crisis and we reduced government expenditures in addition to developing plans for this crisis, referring to the serious work as well as fighting corruption.

He said the government approved the new salary system to achieve justice but did not approved the allocations Act until now, there are committees working to develop a law for allocations, but we are surprised by some trying to confuse figures on unfounded bases .