Parliamentary Economic confirms the determination of parliament rejected the decision handed new salary

News Source: Ali Abd al-Salman

November 4, 2015 9:21

The Commission on the economy and investment representative, the determination of the House of Representatives to reject the Council of Ministers on a ladder new salary decision.

She said committee member olive-Dulaimi, "The government's decision to set up a new salary scale includes a significant reduction of the salaries of a large segment of the staff came as a result of economic pressures experienced by the country and the need to reduce public spending of the Iraqi state.

"She said a member of the parliamentary economic in a press statement, said that" the issue of the salary scale became the basis for modern street because of their negative effects on the livelihood of citizens and of its Mashah arrangements level which will create confusion for many families thus Parliament first This is of particular importance During this phase.

"She noted that" prejudice to the salaries of the staff was a choice of the government of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is unacceptable and we wish to find other alternatives to provide funds for as long as we can balance the trend of those alternatives. "