Lift concrete barriers in Erbil

2/15/2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Dohuk - Khoshnav beautiful - Radio Sawa is working by local authorities in the city of Erbil to lift the concrete barriers surrounding the government institutions due to the demise of the causes of their existence and their impact on the aesthetic of the city. said Mayor Erbil Fouad Quggi The campaign raised concrete barriers will continue to raise most of those barriers from within civilian Erbil after Astbab Security and stability in the region in general and Erbil in particular. explained Quggi in an interview with "Radio Sawa" that the campaign will include raising the concrete barriers in front of the headquarters of diplomatic missions in Irbil and some other places. The concrete barriers in the city of Irbil and placed in front of government buildings and headquarters party since 2004.

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