Funeral of Ahmad al-Chalabi starts in the parliament in the presence of Masum, al-Hakim and al-Abadi

Shafaq News / The funeral ceremony of President of the Iraqi National Congress and Chairman of the Finance Committee , Ahmed Abdel Hadi al-Chalab began on Wednesday morning in the Parliament's building in the capital Baghdad .
The ceremony began in the presence of President of the Republic , Fuad Masum, the Prime Minister , Haider al-Abadi, the head of the Islamic Supreme Council , Ammar al-Hakim, Vice-Speaker of Parliament , Sheikh Humam Hammoud and Aram Sheikh Mohammed, Minister of Oil , Adel Abdul-Mahdi, Interior Minister , Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban, Foreign Minister ,Ibrahim al-Jaafari and a large number of government officials and members of the parliament as well as social and political figures and the family of the deceased.
The funeral ceremony would continue in the parliament building then to bury the body of al-Chalabi in Wadi al-Salam cemetery in Najaf.,-al-hakim-and-al-abadi.html