Ghabban announce the completion of software and services for the issuance of national card inauguration

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Interior Minister Mohammed Salem Al Ghabban announced the completion of detection on some sites that will be working to draft national card process, noting that "this will be fixed sites and some of them will be alternative in the capital Baghdad." According to a statement of the ministry agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on that "Ghabban chaired today the weekly meeting of the Higher Committee for national card, which included general sexual director and a number of concerned bodies chock of the project and announced the completion of detection on some sites that will be working to draft national card and that this process of the sites will be fixed and others are going to be an alternative in the capital Baghdad, referring to the software and services for the installation is complete circles on-site examination by a competent company, as equipment and software for the sub-stations of the Chambers of Civil Status inauguration process continued. He added Ghabban according to the statement that he" must be the focus of the The media release mechanism so that the citizen is aware of all the information related to the process of issuing the card, and praised the vote of the Iraqi parliament on the national card 10/27/2015 because it will facilitate a lot of things for the success of this project. He added that" There is a delegation by the Directorate general sexual includes a number of officers and specialists, search over the past week in the province of Arbil with the concerned authorities and the reality of public sex in the Kurdistan region, and discussed all matters relating to the national card, and that the delegation met with a response and welcomed in the region for this project, where it was agreed on technical and logistical matters on the subject ".