Council confirms Baghdad: 50% of the capital neighborhoods soaked and losses in billions

Denied Baghdad Provincial Council, on Tuesday, the vote on the dismissal of Amina Baghdad anniversary Alloush, revealing submit a request to the government to question the Secretary and agents in the Secretariat and dismissal, and had been expecting to repeat the sinking of Baghdad in the coming days, he said that 50% of the districts of the capital are still submerged and value Damages up to billions. The deputy head of the Baghdad Provincial Council Atwan Atwani said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Council did not vote on the decision to dismiss Amina Baghdad anniversary Alloush from her post, it was not on the Council's agenda," noting that "the Council has sent a request to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to host Alloush The cadre of the secretariat of Baghdad for questioning and dismissal against the backdrop of the sinking of most of the neighborhoods of the capital of rain water and the late disbursement. " He Atwani, that "the Baghdad Provincial Council are convinced that Alloush were not the cause of the sinking of Baghdad, but agents and general manager of the sewage in the secretariat of Baghdad who bear this responsibility," pointing out that "there are significant challenges facing the hands of Baghdad, including lack of financial allocations and fight corrupt ".
He predicted Vice-President of the Baghdad Provincial Council, "repeated flooding in Baghdad in the coming days if the rain fell," she returned to "the actions taken by the ministerial committee that will not be enough."

He criticized Atwani, "not to involve the provincial council in the meetings of the ministerial committee", stressing the need to "involve the Council in those meetings to put points on the characters and diagnose the problem and provide solutions."

He Atwani, that "approximately 50% of Baghdad's neighborhoods are still soaked by rain and some proportion of high water which reaches more than 30 cm," estimated "The value of the damage caused by the rains billions of dinars, because of the fall of houses and destruction Mmtkethm and material losses suffered by the commercial markets beautiful as a market. "

Atwani said, that "the Council has yet to begin the process of assessing the damage due to the sinking of a lot of areas", ruling that "there are measures to compensate those affected because of the physical situation of the country and the state of austerity."

The media confirmed, earlier, the Baghdad Provincial Council vote on the dismissal of the Secretary of the anniversary of the capital Alloush against the backdrop of the sinking of most areas of the capital after the rainy wave that swept the country during the past few days.

The capital Baghdad and some other Iraqi cities faced a wave of heavy rains led to flooding in streets and areas and the disruption of traffic and could not movement of citizens to and from the place of their residence.