Representatives of religions in Iraq are asking the infallible stop the breach of constitutional law consolidated the card

Twilight News / request by representatives of the Christian and Yazidi and Sabean religions in the Iraqi Council of Representatives on Tuesday of President Fuad Masum stop a constitutional violation has got the card in a unified national law. He said a presidential statement, that infallible met at the Peace Palace in Baghdad before noon today a delegation that included a number of members of the House of representatives of the Christian components and Yezidis, Sabeans. The statement added that during the meeting, they discussed the subject of national card, where he explained to the delegation, Mr. President, that there are constitutional violations accompanied the national legislation card law voted by the House of Representatives on 10.27.2015 and asked the President infallible stop this constitutional violation as a protector of the Constitution. The statement continued that the President of the Republic expressed his sympathy with them, stressing that he will instruct the legal advisers to study this issue and take it seriously. The MP for the list of Mesopotamia Kanna had announced earlier at a news conference at the parliament building in the presence of representatives of minorities, that "Article 26 of the national card law imposed on the minor children to follow from converted to the Islamic religion of the parents," adding that "this Article unfair nor consistent with the principles of the Constitution and in breach of its articles. "