Transportation form a committee to manage the financial file with the (Boeing) and determine the controls founding airline

Face Transport Minister Bayan Jabr, on Tuesday, to form a committee to manage the Financial Profile signed the contract with Boeing aircraft, and in select controls to establish airline companies, discussed the establishment of a gas station in the Baghdad International Airport.
A statement issued by the Ministry of Transport and received (range Press) copy of it, "Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi headed body Ministry's opinion meeting to discuss the agenda included belonging to the Iraqi Airways aircraft contract management file in the presence of the Inspector General of the Ministry and general managers in which the number of specialists work in the field of aviation, airlines, ports and railways. "
The statement added that "the director general of Iraqi Airways Osama al-Sadr accept agreements between Iraq contracts and Boeing aircraft and procedures for its implementation," noting that "the minister face to form an ad hoc committee for the management of financial and accounting file for the contract with Boeing aircraft."
The statement pointed to "determine the controls air Investor Certificate (AOC) to establish the airline companies and the first that is secured buy two at least be owned by the company and not the age of the plane more than five years in addition to the acquisition of aircraft or aircraft during the first and second years," explaining that " Among the conditions is that the aircraft be of world-renowned companies and that the company holds an AOC with an emphasis on the replacement aircraft when she turns and operating life of 15 years. "

The statement said that "the meeting saw host a number of specialists from the Ministry of Oil to discuss the establishment of a gas station in the Baghdad International Airport, managed by the Ministry of Oil in order to provide service to aircraft Airlines subsidized fuel and taxi Baghdad and vehicles operating in the Baghdad International Airport," noting that "the minister Face to monitor this issue and resolve it within one week on the charge that the Civil Aviation Authority revenue and wages prescribed under the regulations in force. "
The statement continued that "the meeting which discussed the subject of management and operation of berths Khor Al-Zubair (2,3,4) to be in favor of the Ministry of Oil and specialty petroleum products that the oil ministry rehabilitate pavements according to international standards as well as the rehabilitation of pavements (9,10,11) in port Khor Al-Zubair that the port collects wages and operating in accordance with the guidelines and instructions established by the Port Authority, "pointing to" guide the Transport Minister to modify the number of cars Ministry of Labour dual system (gas and petrol) to preserve the environment and reduce the wages of fuel exchange and pledged to the Ministry of Oil to erect gas equipment cars belonging to the transfer of $ (500,000) five hundred thousand dinars for cars Capacity (4-6) Cylinder that are modulating all cars for this purpose and to create the necessary channels. "
It pointed to "discuss the issue of directing the Minister of Transport Iraqi Airways and Civil Aviation to re-study grant national vector priority Iraqi Airways and in particular in the winter season are running additional aircraft if needed on the following sectors (Istanbul-Ankara Antalia- Beirut Amman Tehran, Cairo, Bahrain), "stressing" general guidance and administrative director of the Department of Finance to begin real reforms and a commitment to reduce electricity consumption and do not use heaters in the ministry and its departments and disseminate it to all the formations of the ministry's commitment to it. "