The Conference for Strategic Studies in Arbil, Kirkuk and to address the problems of Kurdistan

​Held in Arbil, on Tuesday, the Conference for Strategic Studies to provide political and economic crises through which Iraq and Kurdistan for three days solutions, as organizers of the conference confirmed that he will about the problem of Kirkuk and the problems of the Kurdistan region, revealed the meeting of the five parties of Kurdistan on the sidelines of the conference. The head of the Forum (MER) for Strategic Studies organized the conference Dlaor Aladdin in a speech during the opening of the conference in Arbil, and attended (range Press), "The forum was held this conference, which will continue until next Thursday to submit proposals and studies in order to address the political and economic crises that passes by Iraq and the Kurdistan region now. "
He Aladdin, that "the forum feet for a year and a half since it was established multi-strategy, including projects project the future of Kirkuk road map to resolve the issue of the province, and a draft law for the defense of women's rights in the Kurdistan region," noting that "the forum presented projects military, legal and reports served the Ministry of Justice and the Interior The Peshmerga in the Kurdistan region. "
He pointed Aladdin, that "the forum tried to tackle Baghdad and Erbil problems by holding seminars and conferences to meet with the two parties," stressing that "the work of the Conference agenda will include a road map about the problem of Kirkuk, and fighting (Daash) and its impact on the security zone, in addition to the United States and Iran impact on Region".
He pointed Aladdin, that "the agenda will include the final day, a meeting between the five Kurdish parties in Kurdistan to ask the region's political and economic problems and try to find solutions to address them," explaining that "the conference will be attended by officials from the United States of America and the Union and the countries of Europe as well as a delegation from the Russia for the first time includes representatives from the Caucasus and Alttrstan. "
The Forum (MER) Political Studies aims to bring together policy-makers and decision-Alroٴی and owners to discuss a range of political, economic and social themes. 8%AC%D9%8A%D8%A9-%D9%81