Kurdistan declares end of delay salary crisis

Twilight News / announced in the Finance Committee and the economy in the Kurdistan parliament member, said on Monday that the provincial government will be distributed monthly salaries of employees on a regular basis and without delay, stressing re-overdue salaries gradually. Shirin Hosni said in a press statement responded to Twilight News, that oil revenues up to the Ministry of Finance through the stages of the provincial government, pointing out that the Commission has received information from the Ministry of Natural Resources that the distribution of salaries process will continue. Hosni added that the government has been very successful in the sale of oil, saying that from now on they can become the employees' salaries distributed each month. She stressed that the government promised not to committee again delayed the distribution of salaries, noting that it will re-payments of salary arrears gradually. The theme of the employees' salaries lag may cause sparking demonstrations and sit-ins in the cities of the province of Sulaymaniyah, which resulted in the business and the escalation of differences between the Kurdish parties and the exchange of media bickering, especially between the MDC and the Democratic Party of Kurdistan after the second charge of the first of inciting his supporters to attack and burn down Compare violence and the killing of its cadres and supporters.