Coming soon. . We will provide a blueprint for resolving the accountability and Justice Commission

Head of the House of Salim Al-jubouri, said the House Bill was developed to solve the accountability and Justice Commission [de-Baathification already] and refer to coverage of the Iraqi judiciary. His Office said in a statement that al-Jabouri was greeted by the head of the library of "accountability and Justice Commission agency name Sharif El-Badri who reviewed for speaker of the House of representatives during the meeting points contained in the body code that calls through to development of the Commission's work and achieve a consensus political blocs leading to results that satisfy all parties. Jabouri emphasized "the need to consider the work of the Commission and discuss how to lift the injustice on many of those wronged by the decision without showing their cases to justice. Parliament, he said that the principle of judicial fairness is the real attribute that must be carried by the new law, noting that the body would have a role in the legislation of the law. And President Fouad Massoum, revealed on 28 October last to reach an agreement on the review of the accountability and Justice Commission Act [de-Baathification]. Masoom said "an agreement was reached to review the de-Baathification law," adding "the claim by Amnesty for arrested opponents, needs to study the files of each of them on an end to the sort of wanted persons to justice for committing murder during the previous regime.