For the security and defense committee rapporteur for "Khandan": nothing to do with the Kurdistan region Btairtin which landed at Baghdad airport

Khandan - revealed the decision of the security and defense committee in the Iraqi parliament Hakhuan Abdullah, he said that there is a lot of misunderstanding on the subject of the two planes Swedish and Canadian, which landed at Baghdad International Airport and were carrying weapons, silencers to Canadian and Swedish troops stationed in the training centers in the Kurdistan region in the framework of the alliance's mission International to fight terrorism. The MP Hakhuan Abdullah told the "Khandan" The relationship to the Kurdistan region do not load the planes either closely or from afar, noting that the two planes were carrying weapons for military advisers Canadians and Swedes stationed in the Kurdistan region with the aim of training them. He said the decision of the Commission and the defense of parliamentary security to the existence of haste with respect to the announcement of the cargo planes that landed at Baghdad International Airport, adding that the views quoted false information about the incident to the media and even to the prime minister's office, prompting the crew of the aircraft to take off and return to their inclusion. He noted MP Hakhuan Abdullah that there are points now working to remedy the subject in order to prevent a diplomatic problems with the two countries that take part in the international coalition to train and support the Iraqi security forces in various configurations task. The media has quoted officials as saying that the authorities in Baghdad International Airport refused to pass two planeloads Swedish and Canadian landed at Baghdad airport and were carrying weapons silenced in order to deliver to the Kurdistan Region, they claim.