Religion parents reason for the dispute on the single card law

Sabean said component representative in the House of Representatives MP Harith Al-Harthy, Tuesday, the single card that the law prejudice the right of other religious minorities, while noting that the religion of the parents why the dispute over the law. He said Al-Harthy in an exclusive interview told "our economy" news that "the reason for objection religious minorities on the single card law passed in Parliament because it prejudice the right of other religions, as the law required the subordination of the Son to the Muslim father, Muslim mother if the parents of two different religions ". He noted that "this paragraph in violation of the Constitution and the norms and even Islamic jurisprudence, and there was no instance of this law in neighboring countries or countries in the world mainly Christian," noting that "the proposal of deputies of religious minorities in parliament to provide to leave the freedom of the Son choose religion after reaching the legal age."

"The president of the Chamber of Deputies returned the law to the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Parliamentary see whether paragraph objected to coincide with the Constitution or not, and in light of the amendment or not," stressing that "Congress religious minorities continuing to boycott parliamentary sessions until the resolution of the matter."

And representatives of Representatives announced for minorities House of Representatives, Saturday (October 31, 2015), Comment attending parliament sessions in protest against the national law of the card, considering that Article II law "unfair" the right of non-Muslim religions.