Jubouri: the government's failure behind parliament's decision to withdraw authorization to use his powers

The head of the competencies Bloc Haitham al-Jubouri, said on Tuesday that the House's decision to ban the executive and judicial branches of the use of his powers came after the "failure" government to conduct the reforms it has promised and "prejudice" in the pay scale, noting that the decision was unanimous. Jubouri said in a statement seen by the agency, "our economy" news, "The House of Representatives decision to withdraw authorization from the government came after failing to hold the reforms promised by the confusion in the decision-making and encroachment on the powers of the legislative institution and inequity in the salary scale and rampant corruption in most of the ministries and flood cities and the lack of services. " He said al-Jubouri, that "Parliament will be watching closely the work of the government and all its steps joints and its institutions for the purpose of the calendar and the size of our decisions will evolve degree assessment". He continued, "The House of Representatives unanimously decision came after popular demands us to take such a decision and the need to preserve the principle of separation of powers and prestige of the Constitution and the law." Parliament voted at its meeting held, on Monday (November 2, 2015), the decision prevents the executive and the judiciary from the use of his powers.