Parliamentary Economy: lending to private sector solutions for the advancement of this sector

Economy / Baghdad - The Commission on Economy and Investment parliamentary, Tuesday, that the project is the most important lending quick solutions to promote the private sector, indicating that this project will create a new industrial and agricultural projects.

He said the economic and investment commission in Parliament member Ahmed Kanani said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that "the private sector lending project includes the industrial and agricultural sector, and this shows the extent of the Iraqi government interest in the local market hit by the economic downturn as a result of lower oil prices," noting that "the decline oil prices weighed heavily on the financial budget of the federal state, because of their reliance mainly on the oil resources."

Kanani said that "after the Conference on the economy first and Investment, which was held on the fourth of February, held by the Committee on the economy and investment representative in the Babylon Hotel, came out the recommendations in a timely manner with the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq and also director of the Office of the Prime Minister," pointing out that "the recommendations is to find quick solutions to promote the private sector, including the promotion of industrial and agricultural sector."