Allawi question: the need for a thorough medical examination to determine the cause of death Chalabi

Brother - Baghdad - President of a coalition / national / Iyad Allawi called on the government to conduct a thorough medical examination to determine the real cause of death for Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmad Chalabi.

A statement of the coalition, Allawi said "with great sadness and sorrow we mourn the Iraqi people to the Holy One of his sons, and a dear brother and the son of a decent family worked for Iraq and constructive."

He added: "In this painful tragedy, we lost a brave man valiantly confronted the dictatorship, and work within his conviction for Iraq tirelessly."

He continued: "We express our deep sorrow for this great loss and loss grave, call upon the government to conduct careful medical examination on the body of the deceased to find out the real cause of his death."

The head of the Iraqi National Congress head of the parliamentary finance committee Ahmad Chalabi, has died today at his home in the city of Kadhimiya in Baghdad at the age / 70 / years after a heart attack.