Why Chalabi revealed before his death?

Brother - Baghdad - The Iraqi National Congress leader Ahmed Chalabi, who passed away at dawn on Tuesday, detects file corruption in one of the state institutions.

Chalabi said in another of his writings on his own location social networking [Facebook] on Sunday advised Amina Baghdad anniversary Alloush apologize for task management of the Secretariat because of the crisis, the rain, "revealing at the same time" push the secretariat of Baghdad more than seven billion dinars in compensation to the contractor laggard".

He said Chalabi, "The jurisdiction is the main element missing in state policy, and this produced a failure, and the memory of Alloush] when I went to the secretariat of Baghdad were not know anything, and relied only on the managers and workers in the Secretariat tips, and he should apologize for the receipt this position because it is so far did not know anything."

He continued, "Perhaps my question about the reasons for payment of the Municipality of Baghdad [7 billion and a quarter billion dinars] to [al-Asadi] [without mentioning the full name of the contractor], in compensation in 2013 do not know why they were paid [for Asadi] because of rain, and his company is already lagging behind in the implementation of Army Canal project."

The head of the Iraqi National Congress MP Ahmad Chalabi had died Tuesday morning at his home in Kadhimiya, north of Baghdad, at the age of 70 years after a sudden heart attack.

Chalabi is one of the prominent politicians known in fighting Saddam Hussein's regime, as a businessman he has served his father, Abdel Hadi Chalabi was trade minister in the monarchy.

Chalabi was filled after the 2003 membership of the Governing Council in Iraq, which form in 2004, which handed him the reins of power, and the third figure assumed the presidency of the Council.

Chalabi also served in the current parliamentary session the post of Chairman of the Finance Committee.