Access 2016 budget to parliament

By Mohammed Emad

03/11/2015 09:54

Brother - Baghdad
The parliamentary finance committee revealed on Tuesday, the arrival of 2016 budget to the board chairman of the parliament, indicating that he "will be read first reading after I transmitted to the Committee in the next week.

He said committee member Jabbar al-Abadi "The draft General Budget Law for the year 2016 reached the House of Representatives and received by the board president, adding that he" is scheduled to read the budget in the first reading next week. "

"The budget has not been allocated to the Committee so far and will direct the first reading after reading that transmit the board presidency."

The parliamentary Finance Committee has called in a former cabinet time to adhere to the legal time limit for the submission of the budget for the year 2016 to the House of Representatives.

The Finance Committee and confirmed its commitment to the study of the general budget so as to achieve economic goals, and believes in justice for all segments of Iraqi society.

It is said that the Cabinet has approved in its session on 13 of last month's draft 2016 budget law a total value of 106 trillion dinars, and a deficit of about 23 trillion dinars.