DHI invites attention to a national effort to Iraqi oil companies

Invited Member of the Committee on energy and petroleum in the Dhi Qar provincial Council Rashid Serail on Monday, the Government and the oil Ministry to national oil companies that have the ability to compete with foreign companies said in a press statement that the Serail "national oil companies have the ability to compete against foreign companies that carry out him through distinct and good work", adding that "the Central Government and the Ministry of oil interest in the national effort for national companies in the oil sector, and give it a greater role in exploration and extraction of oil ..." and the "achievments In Nasiriyah oil field, the opening bank of the second insulation solid national effort proves the capacity of domestic firms to compete with foreign companies in prospecting and extraction operations, government interest in these capabilities and evolutionally and give it more attention and participation. "he pacified," taking advantage of foreign expertise that will develop its oil installations and raise our capabilities and experience but must not contract with these companies like licensing rounds that gave room for foreign companies to control and benefit from Iraqi oil benefits may Outweigh the benefits that have been earned monopolies before 1970s. "was the opening of the second Bank of the isolation Nasiriyah oil field Sunday, and finalized the national effort of the Iraqi fields of Dhi Qar to SOC.