Urgent Jubouri: We will give soon a draft law to resolve the accountability and justice

2015/11/3 1:28

Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri revealed that the House of Representatives phase ends submit a bill to resolve the accountability and justice [de-Baathification previously] and refer covered by the file to the Iraqi judiciary.

A statement by his office received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that al-Jubouri, received here Monday, "head of the accountability and justice agency Bassem Sharif al-Badri, who accept it to the Speaker of Parliament during the meeting, the points contained in the Commission Act which calls through to the development of the Commission's work and to achieve consensus access to the results satisfactory to all parties and political blocs.

"He stressed Jubouri" the need to consider the work of the Authority and discuss how to lift the injustice for many of those who wronged its decision without displaying their cases to crack.

"The head of the parliament," that the principle of judicial justice is the real feature that must be carried by law The new, pointing out that the Authority will play a role in the enactment of this Act.

"He was President Fuad Masum, revealed on 28 October last to reach agreement on the review of the accountability and justice law [de-Baathification.

Masum said in an interview , "an agreement was reached to revisit the de-Baathification law," he said. "The claim by issuing a general amnesty for detained dissidents setting calls for a study of each one of them separately files to sort of wanted persons to justice on charges of committing murder during the former regime" .anthy