Foreign and Defence Ministers Sweden confirm support Iraq politically and militarily

In an interview with the President of the Republic President Fouad Massoum search today with Margot wallstrom, Swedish Foreign Minister and Defense Minister Peter heltkfst the need to expand the bilateral relations between the two countries. A presidential statement said that the "infallible received at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, Foreign Ministers and defence of Sweden at the beginning of the meeting stressed the importance of bilateral relations between Iraq and the Kingdom of Sweden and the need for expanded in all fields to serve the common interests of the two friendly countries." The meeting addressed the topic of political reform and national reconciliation, the President stressed the interdependence between the two infallible, referring to compatibility between the three presidencies in working to achieve the desired reconciliation as a community to be the basis for the consolidation of peace, stability and prosperity in the country. Maasum stressed the need for the contribution of the international community in the reconstruction of Iraq, calling on the Kingdom of Sweden to participate in the Conference, which will hopefully held early next year. " In turn, renewed Foreign Minister Wahlström Sweden statement of support for Iraq, and his support in the face of the Organization, certain daash her design to improve relations between the two countries to higher levels, as well as Sweden's willingness to move forward in the political and military support compatibility between the three presidencies in the framework for reconciliation, in particular with regard to the relief of the displaced and to contribute to their return to their homes. " According to the statement, the President praised Wahlström infallible to consolidate national reconciliation, while expressing support for Sweden and EU Iraq's bid to achieve national unity. "