MPs threaten the export of Basra oil locally

Monday 02-11-2015 | 7:35:13

Twilight News / threatened 72 seats in the Iraqi parliament on Monday, the export of oil from the fields of Basra locally if you do not get the province south of the country on their financial dues.

The head of the parliamentary call block, behind Abdul Samad Khalaf in a statement reported for Twilight News, that the deputy Basra collected the signatures of 72 deputies in order to restore the rights of Basra.

He said their demands include that the share of Basra be guaranteed in the budget law, according to percentages that are agreed upon.

He noted that the representatives in parliament will represent the province to negotiate with the government, taking into account the payment of Basra, which have had owed by the government since 2010 and so far that is placed on a schedule to pay off these debts.

As for border crossings in the province, said revenue behind it after deducting the proportion of the province by the provincial councils Law No. (21) for the year (2008), the what is left of them pay to the province to pay entitlements referred to previously.

Demands also provides that be manpower in national and foreign companies exclusively from the province.

He stressed behind the saying, "If you do not respond to our demands, we will export oil locally and took all its revenue and until the fulfillment of all amounts owed by the government."