72 deputies threatening exporting oil Basra independently of Iraqi Government

72 deputies demanded the Iraqis Monday, granting economic rights for Basra South oil-rich Iraq, abolishing discrimination between northern Iraq, threatened to resort to exporting oil independently of the Federal Government has not responded to the request.

Khalaf said Abdul Samad, a member of State of law coalition in a statement "Anatolia", "collected the signatures of 72 deputies to restore rights of Basra, raising his wronged province and distinguish them from northern Iraq" g "request to ensure that the share of Basra guaranteed budget and rates to be agreed".

Samad said that "representatives of the Conservative MPs are legitimate representatives to negotiate with the Government, taking into account the payment of the Basra Government owes since 2010 and till now that the timetable to repay the debt."

The Iraqi official said that "if our demands are not met we will export oil locally, taking all revenue until all amounts owed by the Government."

So the United Nations has expressed its readiness to provide technical support in file transfer of powers from the federal ministries to Basra and other provinces that accuse the Federal Government of not seriously in the transfer of powers.

Said Ian Kubiš, Chairman of the United Nations Mission in Iraq during a press conference held in the governorate of Basra today, Monday, "the UN agencies in Iraq ready to support ministries and providing technical expertise in the field of the transfer of powers to the provinces, as well as to support the provinces in managing those powers and providing expertise.

The UN official said that "the Center may need to take steps in the transfer of provincial powers and also need the expertise to understand the kind of authority that some powers that had been granted not absorbed by provinces or don't need.

Basra is considered the second largest city in Iraq after Anbar province (West), located in the extreme south of Iraq, on the West Bank of the Shatt al-Arab, a waterway which consists of crossing to the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates at Qurnah.

It owns the largest oil wells in Basra Iraq, produces at least 80 percent of the Iraqi oil, which is Iraq's only sea port.