Kurdish lawmaker: become an urgent need for a new oil agreement between the Kurdistan region and Baghdad

Khandan -
A member of the Iraqi Council of Representatives for the Democratic Party of Kurdistan Arafat Akram, said that the need has become urgent to oil new agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, considering that the days have proved that the differences between Baghdad and Erbil left their effects devastating to the parties in terms of suffering now from the consequences of the financial crisis as it suffered from Khalavatھma in the past, and that Asttmrtھa the forces of terrorism to Salehھa., said Kurdish lawmaker told the newspaper (the Middle East), that "a Kurdish delegation from the provincial government will arrive in Baghdad soon to discuss the drafting of a new and no agreement for tinkering with the current agreement, which has proved Vhlھ and became in fact consigned to the past, "adding that" a lot of charges on exports stopped or non-compliance with the quantities or export takes character Politically, while the majority of substantive and technical problems, Oھo underlines the need for vocational takes all these aspects into consideration the agreement, and Mrھon cut the time, because the deals Open ceilings of time remaining loose Alnھaیat and are subject to further appeal and differences. "said Kurdish lawmaker that" the differences between the parties remain unsolvable, after it had become clear that it is difficult for each party to cancel the other party, "attributing the" vast majority of the differences between the parties to the lack of Adoption of the oil and gas law. "