Parliamentary Integrity Mrbd: Minister of Commerce escape out of Iraq by land across Kurdistan Monday

Commerce Minister Mohammed Abdel-Karim Mlas
Detection of the Integrity Committee member of the parliamentary Haider Alfoada Radio tow for escape and Minister of Commerce Mlas Mohammed out of Iraq by land across the Kurdistan region after the issuance of the Integrity Commission orders prohibiting him from traveling through Baghdad International Airport while trying to escape out of the country and so on charges of stealing public money. He called Alfoada the federal government and domestic and foreign ministries in coordination with the International Police, "Interpol" to bring back fugitive minister, who is among the charges against him by the Ministry of Commerce in the custody of the sale of Iraqi wheat to other countries and the use of corn animal feed in the flour distributed to citizens within the ration and after Dye wheat feed red and crushed materials, to be similar as the Iraqi wheat.
The Minister of Trade Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim had been issued against him two memoranda of arrests bring in a third and a note from the Iraqi judiciary on charges of financial corruption.
Integrity Commission revealed earlier to tow Radio that the minister was not arrested by the security forces on charges of financial corruption and deals for the purchase of materials within the ration card, but the minister in a press statement revealed that he will turn himself in to the Iraqi judiciary.
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi was commissioned in October 23, 2015, Minister of Labour and Social Affairs Mohammad Xiaa the position of the Sudanese Minister of Trade and agency, a successor to the minister callee to eliminate Mlas Mohammed Abdul Karim.