Call the chapter for Federal Parliament. No Vice-Presidents. Nor Prime powers by repealing laws

Baghdad — the Iraqi Parliament voted Orient, on Monday, the decision to support the reforms of Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, according to the Constitution, and denied any delegated executive powers, called on all authorities to abide by the Constitution. A parliamentary source said earlier that the Iraqi Parliament voted unanimously a resolution followed by the Presidency to support packages fixes Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi, in accordance with the Constitution and in line with the aspirations of the people».

He added: '' the Council denied his delegate legislative powers to the Executive, calling all the authorities, "a commitment to work in accordance with the Constitution. Recall that Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi took several packages of reforms in August 2015, as a result of the mass movement 11, demanding reform and combat corruption and improve services, reduce Ministerial cab from 33 to 22 only as a first step, reducing senior protections by 90% and salaries as well as several other measures, while Government and Parliament approved the reforms, the latter reinforced by another package, and won popular support as well as Shiite religious reference. On the other hand denied the judiciary in Iraq, on Monday, the Federal Court issued a decision to return to their Vice-Presidents. He said Judiciary spokesman Abdul Sattar bayrakdar: «that the Federal Court did not hold a meeting for today, saying it "has not made any decision yet on the Vice-Presidents of the Republic». He was the National Alliance mp Jassem Mohammed Jaafar confirmed earlier in the day, on Monday, the Supreme Court reaffirmed the President's deputies, said they returned the decision to dismiss was unconstitutional.