Vice reveals L / scales News / "crippling condition" for the legislation of the Federal Court Act

02.11.2015 at 11:39 (GMT Baghdad)

Special - scales News
MP for the Bloc citizen Habib Terminal, on Monday, the National Alliance does not have any problem to the Federal Court Act, and there are other parties are trying to block the law to put impossible conditions.

He said the terminal's / scales News /, that "the political blocs put impossible conditions to block the legislation of the Federal Court Act where, when asked the court to vote unanimously on the subject in the absence of one of its members will not vote, leading to disruption of work this is the condition subject and there insistence upon by some political blocs. "

He added, "The National Alliance rejects the terms of the other blocs to pass the Federal Court Act," noting that he "can not tip the vote on the Federal Court Act electronically because this is determined by the Presidium of the Parliament."

"This is the MP for the rule of law nostalgia Qadu, Wednesday, and the presence of large intersections in attitudes and agendas disrupted pass important laws, notably the Federal Court."

Said Qadu L / scales News / "The Federal Court Act is exposed to problematic, there are those who refuse to majority voting on the law and subjected to the two-thirds majority," adding that "the Kurds only party in opposition to the passing of the Federal Court Act the political process they cause disabling the law."

He MP for the rule of law nostalgia Qadu that "the Kurdish blocs refused to be Kurdish continued elimination of the federal court and is subject to the decisions," noting that "the court will not be able to access any decision decisions by consensus." Ended its 29/4