Sadr rejects civil protests and reserves for Islamists!

Iraq/Baghdad popular demonstrations, subject to different translations of political entities, and perhaps that the sadrist leader-Muqtada al-Sadr, only. As a responsible political Edition for sadrist-HSS, which is matched with a crowd without being injected with doubts also tried the rest of Iraq political difference.

Sadrist leader-Muqtada al-Sadr, injected the crowd with a dose of new incentive, confirming that he still adopts the same subtitle: " Ygbmoasalh path with demonstrators, to save the country from corruption and militia waldwaash ", in response to a letter from some supporters in Tahrir square, in Sadr thanked the protesters:" thanks for civilian demonstrators who had the privilege of visiting ", and advised the current leader:" Let it be a common position, which is to achieve comprehensive reforms, austerity is not timid ."

Sadr has made a series of pledges, the content:" I promise to punish and expel members of the Liberal bloc, found corruption "and take readers note that sadrist leader, had met on this month, a number of leaders of the demonstrations in Tahrir square in his home District Office St. in Najaf, announced at a press conference with them : "I've had the privilege of the leaders of the protests demanding reform, and I am supporting them, they call for reform by national roads and moral, peaceful, and met with various sects and directions", and didn't miss the opportunity at this Conference chest from the warning about "the growing differences between the activists and organizers", but the chest, the civilian nature of those demonstrations, gives it the description as "Islamic", service for the hanging chest of a religious point of view: " Differences between activists is a threat to the continuity of service, events that call for civil rights, which excluded the Muslim side ".