Mr. Hakim Al-jubouri Chalabi discuss the financial crisis and the role of Parliament in addressing

He called for the adoption of effective solutions to overcome invited the Chairman of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq Ammar al-Hakim to the adoption of effective solutions to overcome the financial crisis. According to a statement of the Presidium of the Supreme Council that "Mr. Ammar al-Hakim met with President of the parliamentary Finance Committee, Ahmad Chalabi, in his Office in Baghdad, discussed the financial situation and priorities.

Hakeem stressed the importance of developing effective solutions to overcome financial crisis being experienced by Iraq as a result of lower global oil prices, calling for concerted efforts between the Government and the House of representatives and institutions concerned with regard to economic and financial crisis. Mr. Hakeem that the priority be to defeat terrorism and push for Iraq, in addition to the salaries of staff members and retirees and the popular crowd, and salaries of the social protection network "to" hear the views of experts in the economic sphere, and activating the role of the private sector, industry, and agriculture.

On a related level search Hakeem with House speaker Salim Al-jubouri House role in overcoming the financial crisis and support fighters. And Mr. Ammar al-Hakim, according to a statement quoted by media library that "the financial crisis experienced by Iraq as a result of lower prices for the big challenge needs by mobilizing the potential and diversity of income sources and end dependence on a single supplier or so-called Rentier State, stressing the adoption of laws that can move the economy and create employment through private sector." the two discussed during the visit of Mr. Hakim llgbori in triumphs of the security forces and the crowd and the Iraqi tribes in Baiji, Anbar breakers, stressing their support And supporting their families. for his part, between the "House of representatives extended the legislative dismissal of stressful factors and important and need to pass laws and follow up task as consequences of the rain and the general budget.